Scarves For Syrians

We’ve created these beautiful Canadian themed scarves and are selling them to support and welcome refugees in Canada.

This is a scarf for every Canadian. No matter what gender. No matter what colour. No matter what religion. No matter where you came from or where you want to go, this scarf is for you. It is a symbol of peace, patriotism and tolerance. It does not discriminate. It is pure, unadulterated, Canadian.


This initiative was created by Rich after he was disturbed by some of the hate crimes towards refugees, and inspired by the kindness of community to rise up and help. Having had the idea in mid December, and with a goal of having supporters open up scarves on Christmas morning, Rich had only two weeks to bring this new idea to life.

He borrowed his mothers sewing machine and used youtube videos to learn how to sew. Then he bought the material and made the first 30 prototypes to give away as gifts. During the second week, he built the website and Kickstarter Campaign, and assembled a small launch team to help get the word out.


Kickstarting Our Success

Launching our first Kickstarter Campaign proved to be a huge challenge. With no budget, only one week of planning, and a makeshift launch team it was an incredible feat to pull off requiring many nights of little-to-no sleep. Fortunately for us, because of our amazing list of supporters, the hard work and dedication of our launch team, and the desire to make a real change; our campaign was a success.

Now our journey continues as Scarves For Syrians grows to become a sustainable business that will raise funds to support and welcome refugees.

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