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The Canadian Project was founded to create awesome Canadian products that can help support Canada in a big way. Social Enterprise is the future of business; a hybrid of for-profit and charity that allows entrepreneurs to explore their passion for business in a way that positively impacts the community.

This is the idea that fuels the passion of the brilliant entrepreneurs behind the Canadian Project, and allows us to sustainably work towards creating the kind of country we all want to live in.


Scarves For Syrians

Our very first initiative was to create one scarf, that could be worn proudly by all Canadians regardless of their colour, culture, or gender. The project was proven a success when 60 backers helped us to create the first scarves on Kickstarter. Now the Scarves For Syrians project continues to grow and raise funds, that will support and welcome new refugees to Canada.

Canada Walks

After having our first taste of social success, we decided to take on a much larger fundraising objective that would inspire hundreds of Canadians to get more involved in a really simple way. We will be hosting a 5km walk in multiple cities across Canada to commemorate the long journey so many refugees have taken to reach freedom.

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What Should WE Do Next?

Do you have a cause or initiative that you would like to bring to our attention? Help us make this country even better by suggesting what cause we should tackle next! Leave your idea in the comments below.

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    Let us know what causes or issues you think we should take on next 🙂

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