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We are constantly researching and evaluating to see what issues are impacting Canadians the most, and what we can do to help. We’ve dedicated ourselves to improving the quality of living in Canada by focusing our efforts on the top social and cultural issues currently facing Canadians. By working with humanitarians and social entrepreneurs across the country, we are creating initiatives that make a real difference.

Beautiful Canadian Products
Supporting Amazing Causes

Our line of Great Canadian Cottage apparel is inspired by the beautiful backwoods of Northern Ontario. We’re featuring cool campfire hoodies along with plain white T’s and snapback caps. The best part about these products? All of the proceeds go to support our incredible panel of great Canadian causes and initiatives. Keep your eye out for the upcoming release of our apparel line.

Scarves For Syrians

The idea for this initiative was the driving force for starting the Canadian Project. The founder, Rich, was frustrated by the lack of support for Refugees coming to Canada, as well as the ignorant and violent acts towards Canadian muslims, and thought the country needed a symbol of Unity.

The idea was born to create a Canadian made product that ALL Canadians could feel proud to wear. A product that could unite Canadians during a particularly troubling time. The scarf proved to be distinct, required in the cold Canadian climate, but also worn many ways by many different cultures. read more

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Stories have the power to motivate the motionless, inspire the passionless, and transform lives through reflection. The Canadian Project is dedicated to sharing the stories of the movers and shakers of Canada. We’re searching for people who have come to this country and taken massive action, regardless of the hardships encountered in life.

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